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ATP hot water spray retort

Name:ATP hot water spray retort





ATP hot water spray retort


1.   1.Indirect heating and indirect cooling process. Heat is exchanged through heat exchanger avoiding the second food pollution.

      2.Atomized water and excellent internal piping design could ensure the best heat distribution and penetration.

3.   3.Multi heating and cooling process could ensure the best sterilizing effect and help our user capture good quality,nutrition, color and taste in food products.

      4.A small amount of sterilizing water circulates in the retort and the hot water is sprayed at different angles which could ensure the best sterilizing effect.

5.Four pieces of mobile temperature sensor and one pressure sensor are equipped with retort which could help the user monitor the F value and get the accurate time when temperature reach the center of the food from surface.

      6.SIEMENS hardware and software.

7.   7.Sterilizing water and cooling water can be recycled.

8.   8. Low electricity, steam and water consumption

9.   9.Create a quiet, safety and comfortable operating environment for the user.

10. 10.Longer shelf life with the hot water spray sterilizing process.


Applicable scope:

For all heat resistant and waterproof package material.

1.   1.Glass container: Glass bottle, glass jar

2.   2.Mental can: tin can. Tin canned. aluminum can

3.   3.Plastic container serial: PP bottles, HDPE bottles

4.   4.Flexible pouch serial: flexible retort pouch, laminated film bag, high temperature cooking bag, vacuum bag.


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